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  • DIAMOND DA40-180

    DIAMOND DA40-180 Single Engine 164.500€ Description LPV Capability STC Hatzell two-blade HC-C2YR-1BF better TBO (2400 hrs / 72 m). White and green stripes. Grey leather (renewed) TTAF 4645 Engine TSO 1651 Propeller TSO 139 Lycoming IO-360-M1A Avionics Audiopanel PS Engineering PMA 6000 Hartzell Year 2003 Registration Spain

  • Piper Seneca II PA 34

    Piper Seneca II PA 34 Multi Engine 120.000€ Description white wiht green stripes TTAF 9408 Engine TSO 1491/1491 Propeller TSO 850/1040 TCM-LTSIO 360 Avionics Encoder ACK A30. Hartzell Year 1975 Registration Spain

  • Cessna II C550

    Cessna II C550 Jet Make Offer Description EASA, 9 PAX, toilette. Interior 5/10 TTAF 8880 Engine TSO 1500/1400 Propeller TSO ​ ​ Avionics Audio Dual Collins Audio Panel, ADC Dual ADC-200-Air-Data and Fuel Comp., VHF COM Dual Collins, VHF 21C 8.33 spacing, VHF NAV Dual Collins VIR-30 AGM NAV / FM Immunity, ADF, DEM COLLINS, GPS, RADIO ALTIMETER, AUTOPILOT, XPDER HONYWELL version 7, EGPWS, RMI, WX RADAR, RVSM, CVR, FDR, ELT ​ Year 1981 Registration Europe

  • Cessna FR172J Rocket Reims

    Cessna FR172J Rocket Reims Single Engine 112.000€ Description Painted June 2017 Overall White with Blue, Red and Yellow stripes. Red skin and gold fabric (2017) TTAF 1354 Engine TSO 50 Propeller TSO 50 Rolls Royce IO-360-J Avionics ADF Bendix/King KR-86 (066-1038-00) Mc CaULEY Year 1975 Registration Spain

  • Bücker Jungmann

    Bücker Jungmann Single Engine 51.200€ Description Grey ornage as original TTAF 268 Engine TSO 268 Propeller TSO 268 rotax 912 ULS Avionics Transponder Trig TT-31 (00225-00-01) 2 blades Year 2013 Registration Spain

  • Piper PA44 Seminole

    Piper PA44 Seminole Multi Engine 256.500€ Description Overall White with Blue stripes. Grey leather skin TTAF 3995 Engine TSO 0/0 Propeller TSO 0/0 Lycoming TO-360-E1A6D Turbocharged 180Hp Avionics COM/NAV 2 Garmin GNC 225ª (011-02806-00) Hrtzell 3 blades Year 1981 Registration Spain

  • Beechcraft Bonanza 33 A

    Beechcraft Bonanza 33 A Single Engine 175.000€ Description Possibility to install an AP Red and White with gold line 6 of 10. White leather 8 of 10 TTAF 4634 Engine TSO 293 Propeller TSO 72 TCM IO-520 Avionics DME Bendix/King KN-64 (044-1088-00) Mc Cauley Year 1989 Registration Spain

  • MarcsAero | Aircraft Dealers

    Sales Center EXCLUSIVELY BY MARCSAERO Explore WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Wanted aircraft Sell your aircraft Magnus Aircraft Dealer Spain & Portugal The Fusion UL is probably the sexiest aircraft you've ever encountered. It is the perfect blend of 21st century high-technology and excellence for those who never get satisfied with the ordinary or mediocre. Magnus Aircraft YOUR DREAM AIRPLANE IS ONE STEP AWAY! Call Us +34613079676 | +34613041286 Find Us C/Aragon 287 4º2 08009 Barcelona SPAIN Email Us Ancla pral FIND YOUR NEXT AIRPLANE Are you looking for an aircraft? Tell us your needs and we will find the best for you. Privacy policy CONTACT US First Name Last Name Email Interested in: Buy Sell Other Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Do Not Sell My Personal Information

  • All | MarcsAero | Dealers

    OUR EXCLUSIVE AIRCRAFT Multi Engine Piper Seneca II PA 34 Spain 120.000€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1975 9408 1491/1491 850/1040 Single Engine Bücker Jungmann Spain 51.200€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 2013 268 268 268 Jet Cessna II C550 Europe Make Offer Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1981 8880 1500/1400 ​ Project Cessna II C550 Spain Make offer Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1980 10127 ​ ​ Multi Engine Piper PA44 Seminole Spain 256.500€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1981 3995 0/0 0/0 Single Engine DIAMOND DA40-180 Spain 164.500€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 2003 4645 1651 139 Single Engine Beechcraft Bonanza 33 A Spain 175.000€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1989 4634 293 72 Single Engine Cessna FR172J Rocket Reims Spain 112.000€ Year TTAF Engine TSO Prop TSO 1975 1354 50 50

  • Magnus Aircraft | MarcsAero | Dealers

    Magnus Aircraft Official Dealers Spain & Portugal Todos los videos Todos los videos Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing Magnus Aircraft 02:06 Play Video Now Playing Magnus-Fusion-2021 01:10 Play Video Now Playing SPIN TEST 01:31 Play Video

  • Contacto Magnus | MarcsAero | Dealers

    Formulario información Magnus Aircraft Nombre Email Empresa Prefijo arrow&v Teléfono Escribe un mensaje Selecciona una opción Fusion UL (ULM) Fusion 213 (CS-LSA) Ocasión Otros Enviar ¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

  • Multi Engine Piston | MarcsAero | Dealers

    OUR EXCLUSIVE MULTI ENGINES Multi Engine Piper Seneca II PA 34 Spain 120.000€ Year 1975 TTAF 9408 Engine TSO 1491/1491 Prop TSO 850/1040 Multi Engine Piper PA44 Seminole Spain 256.500€ Year 1981 TTAF 3995 Engine TSO 0/0 Prop TSO 0/0

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